Saturday, September 3, 2011

Did you get your cereal?

Did you manage to get your cereal yet? If you need it and like General Mills cereal, make sure you make it Hy-Vee!!!!
This is a great deal even if you don't have any coupons. If you do have some coupons that would work it's an awesome deal!!!!
 Use the $4.00 coupon in the ad for savings on 4 boxes of cereal. After those 4 boxes you get a $4.00 catalina for your next purchase!!! $8.00 of 4 boxes of cereal.
 OK, granted some of the cereal (most) is not on sale, but there are some. Mainly kiddy ones, which I had run out of a long time ago.
I bought 4 boxes of cereal that were $2.88 each. Here is the deal I got:
                     x    4
                    -  $4.00 (in ad coupon)
                   -   $4.00 (catalina coupon)
                   -   $2.00 ( 2 x $1.00/2 coupons)

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