Thursday, September 8, 2011

I apologize :(

Sorry for not having my Hy-Vee posts up. I have them almost done. I actually planned on having them up and done by Tuesday evening. Didn't work. Oh well.

I have been unbelievable busy. Looking at houses (because we need to move- I know God has one picked out for us, I'd sure like to know about it now!), my Dr. appts. for my never ending back problems, some days it is so hard to sit or stand (making this kinda hard to work on!), and running the littlest one to preschool. Then when school is out it's like I don't have a life! These kids are constantly on me for something! While some days this is tough, I wouldn't trade any of it for all the money in the world!

On a positive note ( I will be discussing this more on Thinking Positive with God's Help)
M has been doing wonderful!!!!! I have been afraid to say it, but I think it might last (for awhile anyway!).
Thank you all for being so understanding,

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