Sunday, February 5, 2012

* Hot* Deals at Hy-Vee in Sioux Falls Today!!!

I know I have not been on much lately :( sorry...
After looking through my Argus Leader this morning there were some deals in there that I could not help but post about :)
 (There is also an article about couponing on the first page of the Life!)

The ad for Hy-Vee has some great deals on Ortego taco if you have the Ortega coupon from 1/15/2012 SS insert $0.50 off 2 items...
 2 taco seasoning would be a total of $0.06!
 2 taco sauces would be a total of $0.66!
 2 taco shells would be a total of $1.26!
There are limits so please pay attention. These are great deals and would like to share it with others:)

Making theses items super cheap! You could also price match at walmart. Not sure how Target would handle this...but you can try. If they let you, let me know!   :)

* I am in no way being paid by Hy-Vee for this site, though there may be other affiliated links in this post. All opinions are mine.*

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